digiKam GSoC 2018

Me and Tarek

It was really nice working with Tarek on GSoC 2018 project with KDE. Tarek did a good job supporting new export tool for digiKam so users can upload their local images to more web services. check his work report here

The photo was taken by the art awesomeness symbol Heba Attwa


digiKam GSoC Students in Egypt


Me, Shaza, and Ahmed

It was nice meeting Ahmed and Shaza @ faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University in Cairo. I am proud to mentor them in Google Summer of Code.

Ahmed is working on implementing a DLNA server in digiKam core to export photo and video hosted in physical and virtual collections. The server is ready and he working on the configuration panel UI. See more here.

Shaza is working on a tool for image editor to be used for healing image stains with the use of another part of the image by coloring by the use of one part over the other, mainly testing on dust spots, but can be used for other particles hiding as well. See more here.


PyQt 5 and QWebEngine

I stumbled upon a problem when I was working my graduation project and tried to create a QWebEngineView to put a simple HTML code and listen to click events on some tags.

The problem was that I wanted to run some python code when someone clicks on a button, I didn’t find any obvious examples on this, So I wrote a question on a stackoverflow and but sadly no one responded.

I kept struggling until I got everything working and at the very first time I answered my own question.

Here is the link of the question on stackoverflow: