Changing Font and Icon Size from settings

Now you can change font and icon size, from digiKam configuration, and changes will be shown immediatly.

Take a look to the screenshot:



10 thoughts on “Changing Font and Icon Size from settings

      • No I had not. Still, I can understand why the thumbnail size setting can be useful. But the font ? It does not seam appropriate. What if every application had such settings ?

        To me it looks like a case of kde-has-too-many-settings 🙂

        Don’t get me wrong though, I really appreciate the work you’re doing on Digikam, a very nice piece of software …

  1. I understand that you can set your custom font for tree view if you want, but… why? Some of the changes only add complexity to the settings and are just one more way of adding clutter to the interface.

    Also, why use that form of setting the stars of the picture if we have already a KStarsWidget ( or something ) that you can easily click on it to set the stars?

    don’t take this as criticism, they are just doubts. 🙂

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