What have been done so far with digiKam?

Some changes took place to the GUI, I decided to separate the Tags and labels tabs into two left sidebar widgets like this:

Also I implemented the “State Saving“, so if digiKam is closed the selection and the expansion are saved for the next time you open digiKam again.

There was some wrong XMLs sent to the KIOSlave and the mistake was fixed, and now the “Labels Tree-view” and “Advanced Search Window” results are identical.

Next task is to patch the AlbumHistory mechanism to handle the new Labels tree-view history, But first, Some bugs should be fixed in the mechanism itself, I hope it won’t take so much time.

Would you like to see this new tree-view without a root icon like the above image or with a root icon like this:


Please vote:


8 thoughts on “What have been done so far with digiKam?

  1. bartotten says:

    Without I voted for. It will be in my favor 😉

    I really disluke the ‘white box’ though. I hope KDE Next and KF5 make it possible to have such things ‘not bordered’ 🙂

  2. Patrick Häcker says:

    Please do not use a single star icon and write next to it “2 stars”. This is like writing “yellow” in a green font. Putting multiple Stars next to each other should be easy possibly with greyed out stars to have a nice layout.

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